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No matter what the subject of the meeting is, there may arise the need for a closed circuit television network.  

Centro Pilota Srl can install a CCTV network to show what is happening in the convention hall to people outside. Monitors placed in the reception area, exposition area, press room, meeting points or other auxiliary rooms, allow all operators to be part of the event. 

Centro Pilota Srl can also install a CCTV network to show what is happening outside the convention hall to the participants inside. Surgical conferences, for example, that perform live surgery in an "operating theater", use this setup to illustrate new techniques and practices. Often surgical conferences also utilize videoconferencing equipment so that colleagues, specialists or students abroad may also contribute to the operation or share the experience and knowledge. 

Centro Pilota's closed circuit TV network can also be integrated with other presentational sources and needs. 

  • PC multimedia presentations
    Special converters allow for quality transference of computer graphics into video signals. 
    Also seamless commuting, for multiple PC multimedia presentations, can be performed by technical bi-lingual staff or, alternatively, we can arrange the setup so the speaker can operate a simple pushbutton control panel.
  • Color Video Scanner
    Video scanners capture images and convert them into signals that can be transmitted throughout the CCTV network. Speakers, with recently published documentation, can utilize the color video scanner for their presentation. Alternatively, a sponsor's logo can be superimposed on the screens or advertisements can be displayed throughout the meeting area during coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Video text Interface
    The video text interface allows you to broadcast a message, schedule, or announcement throughout the entire CCTV network or to selected monitors. Text may be superimposed other video signals or displayed on its own. The video text interface also provides many formatting choices: single and multiple text display, blinking text, various background colors, horizontal and vertical offset, centering, and it can even display a time, date, and stop watch.

Using top quality equipment and the know- how of technical personnel, Centro Pilota Srl can guarantee targeted results from the simplest to the more involving CCTV needs.


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