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Audio visual technology, whether referring to television, movies, videos, CDs or computers, enables us to better understand the information which reaches us from the outside world. It also allows us to share experiences with others. CP Centro Pilota srl, aware that visual technology is a fundamental factor in this communicational network, offers its clients state-of-the-art audio visual products. Such equipment benefits those who use presentations as a means to reach their audience  with clear information that is easily understood.

The video projectors that Centro Pilota srl makes available to its clients fulfill these needs: 

The superb micro mirrors (DMD) ELECTROHOME VISTA PRO 1300 & 2000.

Video projector Plus UP 1100   

Small and compact with 1000 ANSI Lumen, the PLUS UP 1100 projector is ideal for most  multimedia presentations.

A great addition to our pool of multimedia video / data projectors is the SANYO PLC-XF10E with 3000 ANSI Lumen and a XGA resolution of 1024x768.

   Video projector Sanyo PLC-XF10E
Recently, CP Centro Pilota welcomed some more quality models of multimedia video and data projectors: 

Video projector Sanyo PLC - XF20E
1500 ANSI Lumen

Video projector Sanyo PLC - XF20E
5000 ANSI Lumen!


Video projector Sanyo PLC-SU20E
Boasting the New Progressive Scan System and the AUCC 
(Automatic Uniformity Correction Controller)

the last of which is the video/true XGA data projector:


Video projector Sanyo PLC-XU37E


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