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Sony 5100 Sony 1600 Polyspan Viewstation
Videoconferencing room    

CP Centro Pilota Srl of Rome offers its clients videoconferencing over ISDN lines up to 512 Kbps.

Videoconferencing is the ideal way to have people at two or more locations to participate in a meeting without the need of traveling.

During a conference, thanks to videoconferencing technology, it is also possible to have colleges remotely participate in a meeting while giving the audience the feeling that they are present in the meeting hall. The remote party can fully participate in the meeting by providing PowerPoint presentations, charts, slides or videos.  

CP Centro Pilota's inventiveness and problem solving experience, derived from years of servicing all types of conferences, have enabled us to fully integrate this relative new means of communication with other convention services.

An international conference, for example, which normally provides simultaneous translation for its participants and speakers, may also be visually connected to participants and speakers in other nations. These two services do not work independently but are fully integrated into a seamless whole.

Or again, a medical conference involving video-surgical interventions obtains full impact when powerful video beams project the received images on large screens.

For all videoconferencing needs in Rome, CP Centro Pilota Srl uses Sony Trinicom PCS 5100A conferencing units, Sony PCS 1600P videoconferencing units and Polycom's Polyspan ViewStation SP 384Kbps and 512Kbps videoconferencing units.

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